Slow Install

My customer gave me a new laptop today. Even though I do most of my work in a virtual machine, I sometimes need to access the database right off the laptop. So I decide to install the Oracle 10g client. We are currently at

I found the install media on a network drive. When I launched the executable, it was a while for the Universal installer to come up. Then each step of the installer was painfully slow. Here is the real sad part. I have been in the middle of this install for over two hours now. Progress bar reads 92% complete.

Not sure if this is due to the media being on a network drive. I plan to downloaded the media to my desktop if I ever need to do this again. I also chose a customer install, and checked a bunch of things that looked cool in the client. I might try that again, but will do the bare bones install first. Then I came come back later in install the goodies.