Single Sign On

A couple of our power users had Single Sign On installed on their workstations. They were reporting that our apps were not working with this configuration. A developer from our team thought this was strange as no modification to our programs was supposed to be required with SSO. I told him that our apps would most likely need to be changed. That's because we control Oracle login with our own customer login screens.

I did just a bit of digging today. Now I understand the situation better. Oracle has "Intelligent Application Response". This is a way to congire SSO to handle the logon automatically by filling in fields in custom dialogs such as us. So it is true you will not need to modify your apps. You just need to properly configure the Intelligent Application Response to know your login dialogs.

I use the term SSO. However I should really refer to it as ESSO, which stands for Enterprise Single Sign-On. There is a component called ESSO-LM that controls the login through us customer screens. ESSO-LM stands for Enterprise Single Sign-On Logon Manager. Sounds legit. We need at least one developer to come up to speed with this technology.

Right now our apps look like they are not cooperating with a solution that requires no legacy app change. That makes us look like the bad guy. We need to bone up on the tech to speak intelligently, and point out what needs to be done to integrate our system with ESSO.