Lot of Notes

I have been working on designing solutions to some new customer requirements recently. Some requirements are written based on the existence of some notes on an artifact. I guess that is the only way they could specify the types of artifacts that need certain processing. Okay.

My solution was to run a query to find out if those notes existed. I did not have the exact text of the notes. But I had a bunch of examples. I figured I could do a query where the note text was LIKE some pattern I could match. My guess was that I could throw the query over to our DBAs, and they would tell me whether the performance would be acceptable.

A colleague was working on some other new requirements. He had the same notes to search for. His solution was to just read all the notes into memory or some collection. They he would implement the search for the patterns he needs. Now this might be a way to get the job done fast. I prefer to let Oracle handle the searches. We shall see which method has the superior performance.