Password Problems

All the members of my old team had their own development schemas. We were give the schema password so we could make changes as we saw fit. These schemas were special in that they all had the same password. That was to make the life of the DBAs easier. This of course was a security violation. But hey. What are you going to do?

The passwords were furthermore shorter than the normal required length. These accounts were supposed to be set up to allow that. Recently my password expired for my schema account. This was not supposed to happen. Okay. So I changed the password and tried to reset it to the old one. Multiple problems popped up - password too short and cannot reuse a recent password.

All right. Need to get around this. I just changed my password a lot of times to get around the recent password reuse limitation. However the password length required me to set up a new profile that had a NULL password_verify_function. This seems like a lot of work. But hey. You got to get stuff done. While I was at it, I reset the password for my old team lead so he could log in without further ado.