Database Upgrade

This year our project is finally upgrading the database to Oracle 10g. Our DBAs initially decided to go with version for the back end. However we have found some problems during testing. The database is automatically gathering statistics at inopportune times. This is causing some performance issues. I would think you could control this with some parameter.

There are some other problems with bulk loading of data. Our DBAs have been in contact with Oracle Corporation. And they have identified the issues as bugs. The resolution is to go to version That sounds find and dandy. However we now have to go through our performance testing again. I hope this patch resolves these problems. And I pray that there are no new problems introduced with the patches.

You have to keep up with current versions of software. I understand this. Being a software developer myself, I know our users need upgrades all the time. However it hurts being the consumer of some products that need upgrading. There is pain involved with the upgrade itself. Part of this pain is dealing with things that are broken. You also do not want to stay on the bleeding edge. Otherwise you might bleed yourself with the results.

I would like to think that Oracle 10g is stable enough at this point. Don’t they already have an Oracle 11g out there now?