Oracle Certification

My company has recently decided to encourage employees to get industry certifications. I want to become Oracle certified. My first goal is to become an Oracle PL/SQL certified associate. It seems I have to pass two tests to get this certification.

The good news is that my company will pay for whatever it takes to get ready for this certification. The bad news is that I am so busy on my project that it is hard to schedule training. Part of my plan is to get some training programs that run on my computer so I don't have to miss work.

I downloaded a sample test from uCertify for the first certification test I need to take. This test was the Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL. I will confess that there are some topics on this test that I am not strong on. The demo I downloaded and took said that I failed the test. I got a score of 692 out of 1000. You need at least 750 to pass. I did question one of the answers given. However that question would not have changed my result to a pass.

The uCertify software costs $120. That seemed like a good deal. I am considering a purchase of an Oracle training program that runs on the computer. The Oracle software costs $600. If I were using my own money, I would go with the uCertify software. However this is the company money I am spending. So only the best will do.