OCA Certificate

This week I received my certificate from Oracle. I am now an Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate (OCA). This demonstrates that I did the work and have the capability to do Oracle PL/SQL.

Now Oracle is encouraging me to continue and get an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) credential. For PL/SQL developers, I believe that you only have to pass one more exam to get to the OCP level. That assumes that you already have some received some training. My company supports its employees for such certification. So I think I might go for it.

Since I am officially an OCA, I can display the OCA logo from Oracle. Now I don't think I will go as far as putting it on my business cards. That logo is reserved for my own company. However I might add it to my email signature. I have seen a lot of Oracle DBAs do that when they get their OCP.

I plan to continue to share the interesting facts I learned during my hands on training class. Be on the lookout for future posts with this info.