Oracle Reports 6i

I am working on a big update to our software system. This update includes two new reports. At the same time, the rest of the team is working on redoing how the application produces reports.

We currently use Oracle Reports 6i. That is some old but stable technology. The customer has said we cannot upgrade to Oracle Reports 10g as it requires a server which they do not wish to deal with right now. So we are rolling our own reports with custom code.

I had to integrate the new reports with the new changes I am making to the application. Right now they do not have the new report technology ready. So I figured I had better code in some stubs where the new reports will go. I decided to use Reports 6i for this.

To my surprise, it was very simple to use the Oracle Reports wizard to knock out some quick report prototypes. Things got a little trickier when I tried to proceed with some layout modifications. However I decided the wizard based output was good enough for stubs. Maybe it is a bad idea to abandon Oracle Reports technology.