Disabling Constraints

My boss told me to go help a teammate out in replicating a problem found by our customer. I worked with her to look at the code. We needed to set up some very specific data to make the condition occur. I told her we should execute some SQL to generate the new records required.

At first we wanted to clone an existing record. She told me that some triggers were preventing that. So I had her disable all the triggers on a few tables. The syntax for that command was straight forward:


Then it came to disable the constraints. She tried a similar command. However we could not figure out the syntax to disable all constraints in a single commend. Later I found out that the command does not exist. You need to disable each constraint manually, one at a time. Or you could write a script that finds all the constraints and disables them one at a time automatically. Come on Oracle. Can't you make it easy for us? We were in a hurry.