Back End Development

My project at work seems to be loaded with too much to do with little resources. Yes I know that happens to everybody. But there is no way were are going to even be close to completing everything on time. My team leader has been tasked with trying to come up with a plan to get everything done. Today he had a brilliant idea. We could carve out the pieces of the newest changes that are for the back end. Then we could assign those to a junior PL/SQL developer that we have.

I gave this idea some thought. At first I thought there was maybe 10% of the work that needed to be done in PL/SQL packages and database triggers. However on second thought, the number might be closer to 15-20%. Out PL/SQL developer has some work to do. However she could help out this latest development task.

Here is the difficulty in this arrangement. The actual PL/SQL coding is not difficult. The hard part is understanding the business. This is why we cannot give this part to some new developers on the team. The business of our customer takes a couple years to understand. I guess we could give the junior developer some hints, and let her code away. We shall see how this would pan out. I was hoping that I would get to do the back end work. I like writing PL/SQL code. And I know the business inside out.