Curse of the Trigger

A tester found a problem in our application. I traced it back to some test configuration data in the database. That seemed like an easy fix. I wrote a one-time PL/SQL script to delete the test data. I had our DBA team implement the fix in the tester's database.

Luckily our DBA did a little quality assurance himself. He inspected the contents of my script. Then he checked whether the test records got deleted. They did not. It seems a trigger fired and prevent the delete. Doh. I should have checked that.

I like writing PL/SQL code. So I was not worried that the results of promoting my fix were a failure. That just meant I could write more code. I researched the logic of the trigger. Then I added some more code to detect child records of the test data. I wrote code to move those record to depend on another foreign key. Bingo. I even stayed late at work knocking out the updated fix.