Oracle XE and JDBC Performance

I am using an Oracle Express Edition database to prototype a very large data set application. My programming language is Java. I am using JDBC to get to the database.

For starters I thought I needed to download the
JDBC drivers from Oracle. This required me to sign into the Oracle Technology Network. However the login kept saying my password was wrong. It was a pain.

I got the drivers. Now there are several flavors of JDBC drivers. Oracle says you should stay away from the OCI version. Ok. There is also a JDBC driver that bridges to an ODBC driver. This is a slow configuration. I chose a thin JDBC driver. By default it is auto committing each insert statement I make.

So I did a quick timing test. I inserted 10,000 records into a small table. I stored the timestamp for each insert into the table. The whole thing took a total of 19 seconds. That is 500 records per second inserted. That feels pretty good since I a doing a commit after each insert, and this is the free edition of the Oracle database. The only other test I might try is to see whether a PL/SQL script can load the data faster.