Trouble with Groups

I inherited some back end code. Most of it is written in PL/SQL. That's the part I like. The problem is that I cannot get the darn thing to run to completion without errors. The latest issue is with a file that is generated.

The developer uses the UTL_FILE built in package to create a file and write to it. That sounds reasonable. However the Oracle database is hosted on a UNIX server. So when it creates the file, the thing is owned by user oracle and by the oinstall group. I am not oracle. And I do not belong to the oinstall group.

Guess what? That means I cannot do anything with the file that got created by UTIL_FILE. I cannot view the file contents. I cannot delete the file. Nor can I move it. This is just no fun. What am I supposed to do? My first reaction was to just become a member of the oinstall group. However that raised some flags with the DBAs and system administrators. Although I agree this sounds wrong, what is a developer to do? I have put in a request for assistance with one of the DBAs. Hopefully help is on the way.