Could Not Find Program Unit Being Called

I was told to write a stand alone script to clear out a backlog of work that needed done. It was caused by a slow nightly process that had to get aborted. I coded a new procedure in one of our packages. My script was very simple. It logged the start and end times of the script. The only other thing it did was call the stored procedure with the correct parameters.

Now I wanted to make sure the performance of the stand alone script was acceptable. So I looked in the log to see the start and end times. I was shocked to find tons of ORA-06508 errors being logged by one of the triggers in the database. Now this error means some stored procedure could not be found, or was invalid. This darn trigger was calling all kinds of procedures in many different packages. I guess I could have recompiled them all.

I did find a gem of an idea on Akdora's blog. Instead of just logged the error message in the exception handler, you can store the output of DMBS_UTLITY.FORMAT_ERROR_STACK. This tells you exactly what object is missing or invalid. Thanks Akdora. You helped me get the problem solved and still get home in time.