Oracle 11g Express Edition

Recently I had to upgrade my company laptop to Windows 7. This was a painful ordeal that lasted a whole weekend. The upgrade consisted of a reimaging of my machine. One byproduct was that my Oracle 10g database was wiped off the machine. Ooops. I forgot to back that thing up.

I decided to reinstall Oracle after the upgrade. It was interesting to see that Oracle had an 11g version of their Express Edition free database. The latest version is 11.2, which is currently in Beta.

I was pleased with how fast I could install the Express Edition database. This thing was actually at Express speeds. I was also reminded that Express Edition does not come with much. You get a command line SQL tool. You get tools to start, stop, backup, and restore the database. That is it. Looks like I need to polish off my command line DBA command line programming.