Verification Required

Our development team writes a lot of SQL scripts. These sometimes just set up some configuration data in the database. Other times they perform some sort of data correction. We delegate the packages and release of these scripts to our DBA team. Today we got a new requirement from the DBA team. We must also provide a separate verification script to validate the changes made by the SQL scripts.

Now I guess a verification script might add a small amount of value. If somebody runs the script, we could determine whether the original script ran to completion. However now our team needs to spend some extra time to write a verification script. Here is the fault in the logic behind this idea. If somebody was going to make some mistakes with a SQL script, what makes you think they could write a verification script to detect the mistakes?

Personally I do not care much. I love writing scripts. The more the merrier. I just need to be given time to do so. Therefore I am not really going to complain about this new requirement. I might even write a few verification scripts that just DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Script verified!') and see if anybody cares. LOL. The downfall is once somebody detects the shennanigans, we are going to be required to write verifications scripts on the verification scripts.