Day of Reckoning

Today was the big day. I was scheduled to take exam 1Z0-001. It is the first of two to get Oracle certified. I was a little concerned about this one because I tried to learn the material on my own. Even though I purchased some Oracle self study software, I found it useless. However I bought a good self study book which I devoured.

Luckily I set aside a good deal of time to get to the place. Somehow I took the wrote street and ended up past the testing center. I doubled back and got there with time to spare. There was a disturbing sign on the side of the building which read, "For elevator emergencies, call the police". This was extra troubling since I had to leave my cell phone behind to adhere to the test rules. As I entered the building elevator, I noticed there was no phone in there. I pressed the button for my floor a couple times. The elevator did not move. At that point I decided to take the stairs.

I was the only guy taking a test at this center today. This was the first time I sat for an Oracle exam. They gave me some "scratch paper" and two permanent markers. They planned to collect this scratch paper at the end of the exam. It took a while to read the terms and conditions of the test. However once I got started it seemed to go well. I am bound by the rules of the test to divulge no other information about it. I passed the test with ease, getting 50 out of 57 questions correct. That equates to an 87%. You only need to get 39 out of 57 correct to pass (which is 68%).

Tomorrow I take my second of two tests. Hopefully that one will also be easy to pass. I went to an Oracle instructor led training class for that one. So I assume I will do even better on that one.