Oracle Certified Associate

Today I passed the second of two exams required to become an Oracle Certified Associate. I called up Oracle University. They said my certificate should arrive by mail within 30 days. I am going to hang this bad boy up on the wall.

The exam I took today was "Program with PL/SQL". It was a very difficult exam. There were a total of 66 questions. You needed of 51 to pass (77%). I got 55 questions right (83% correct). That was enough to pass. But I did not feel confident.

My exam report showed I needed help in a whopping 10 areas. Some of my weaknesses were understandable. I took an instructor led course to prepare for the exam. We did not have time to really go over dependencies. So I figure I got all those questions wrong on the exam. And I also know I am weak on data dictionary views. At least I was good enough to pass. I can't wait until I get my certificate.