Directory Assistance

I got a new project that I am developing. And I needed to crunch some data for it. What better way to do that than using an Oracle database? So I installed the Oracle 10g Express Edition on my laptop. I did not need any great power.

One of the first tasks I needed to complete was to load in some data from a file. The logic to parse the data was a bit involved. Therefore I decided to write it in PL/SQL. To use the UTL_FILE pacakge to access the file, I needed to create a directory object.

The web user management tool provided by Oracle 10g Express edition did not list CREATE ANY DIRECTORY as one of the grants it could assign. Therefore I dropped down to the command line to get that job done. Next my stored procedure could not see UTL_FILE. I had to log in as SYS and grant access to this package. Wow that is a lot of work to read a little file. I guess this is not your standard use of an Oracle database.