Performance Redux

We continue to have performance problems with our nightly processes. I extracted some SQL that could run during the day. However a manager shot that idea down. It would look too suspicious to the customer. My next idea is to replicate the performance problem.

The production operations are taking a whopping 5 to 6 seconds per action. Each action has a number of updates and inserts. I got a small (500 record) sample in development. There is was only taking a tenth of a second to complete.

I ramped up the volume to 5000 records. Things slowed down a little bit to three tenths of a second per action. Now I want to try just a bit more data to see if preformance in develpment degrades futher.

Once I can recreate the problem<, I can start with the performance debug. I think I might log the different parts of the action to see where we are spending most of the time. Then it will be time for that magic SQL performance work.