Oracle Data Dictionary

I just read an article from Oracle Magazine on the data dictionary views. There was a figure with 12 different user views of interest. I am trying to digest all the information and make some connections between the views. Let's start with USER_SOURCE. Okay I have employed that one before. It can tell you the source code of something you have compiled into the database, such as a stored procedure.

Now an object you compile into the database will also have an entry in USER_OBJECTS. That is also familiar territory. But there is also a USER_OBJECT_SIZE view. I bet you can figure out what that view tells you. Now other views hold object information of a certain kinds. Your triggers are shown in USER_TRIGGERS, and your procedures in USER_PROCEDURES. But have you ever heard of the view USER_TRIGGERS_COLS? Me neither. Looks like it maps triggers to the table/columns they use.

I have never queried USER_ERRORS directly. I just type SHOW ERRORS in SQL*Plus. To do some source code analysis, it looks like I might check out USER_DEPENDENCIES, USER_ARGUMENTS, or USER_IDENTIFIERS. Looks like I got some homework to do. If I find anything of use, I will definitely share it.