Job Applicant Statistics

I applied to a job a little over a week ago. This was through a site that I normally do not visit. The site tried real hard to get me to pay for a subscription. No thanks. There are plenty of free job boards out there. If they don't work, I still do not think I will pay to find a job.

One strange thing about this site was that it provided statistics on my competition. It did not name any names. But it informed me about the details of the other people who applied for the job I was interested in. Weird.

Here were the different current salaries of the competition:
  • $60k
  • $70k
  • $80k
  • $100k
  • $140k
  • $150k
They were all over the place. Should I be concerned that there were some low ball salaries in there? Nah. Those applicants are probably underpaid. Most applicants had a bachelors degree. But some had a masters.Here are their current titles:
  • Analyst
  • DBA
  • ETL Developer
  • Oracle Developer
  • Project Lead
  • Senior Architect
  • Senior Developer
Those were some nice titles. Finally here are some of the areas of expertise the competition possessed:
  • Banking
  • Consulting
  • Databases
  • Front end development
  • Project Management
Well the competition is fierce as usual. I had better make sure I have enough goodies to set myself apart. I am Oracle certified. Got a lot of years experience. Also have a lot of schooling. I think I know my stuff.

What else can I do to improve my rank? Get some more certifications. I am working on that. Expand my areas of expertise. There are a lot of hot technologies in the Oracle Database universe. The real winner might be reaching out to my network. I have worked so long that I know tons of people out there with an Oracle database background.