Oracle Install

So I downloaded this 3G Oracle Database 12c installation. And the Universal Installer would not run. I was not going to run around trying to install the required Java Runtime Environemt. I already have that on my machine. Maybe the location could not be detected. Therefore I did what any anxious developer would do. I restarted the install.

This time around it worked. That's when I arrived at Step 1 of 10. Had to decide between a desktop and server class. Well my little laptop is definitely the desktop variety. Then I was given the chance to specify the Windows user for the Oracle home user. I just chose a built-in account. That might be a security risk in the production world. But this is just my throw away database.

There was a drop list choice for the installation type. However the only option in it was the Enterprise edition. Good enough for me. The global database name was defaulted to "orcl.home" which I accepted as is. For some reason I decided to save my response file. You never know when I might want to do an unattended install with the same set of options.

Here were the steps for the database install:
  1. Prepare
  2. Copy files
  3. Setup
  • Setup Oracle base
  • Oracle Database configuration
Yeah. Steps one, two and three. Then some other steps. Somebody has their numbering mixed up. I swear it is not me. Finally after leaving the thing run all night, my database installation was complete. My SID was orcl. That was the default name I chose. I got a URL to run Enterprise Manager Database Express. Watch out world. Here I come.