Important Users

I am not a DBA. So I have never logged into a database as SYS or SYSTEM. And I probably never will. That does not mean I should not know anything about them.

In Oracle 11g, both the SYS and SYSTEM accounts have the DBA role. In addition, SYS has the SYSDBA role. Did that help you? Me neither. Time to get certified as an Oracle DBA.

Here is something I can relate to. Oracle 11g has a technology called streams. This is used to replicate data. You have the database data in a server and it needs to get into another remote location. Stream it over there. Obviously there is more to it than that. But this is the idea.

Another area of weakness in my Oracle knowledge is shared server processes. Oracle recommends that you have one shared server process for every 10 connections into the database. We have a lot of users (connections). Therefore we will most likely want a lot of shared server processes. Luckily we have a lot of hardware to back the database.

Next time I will provide an overview of ASM.