Java and C Integration with Oracle

I am brushing up to eventually take the exams to become an Oracle Certified Professional. One thing I need to learn is the techniques to mix C and Java code with my PL/SQL.

There are two ways a cross language call can go. One is the callout, where PL/SQL calls with a C or Java function. The converse is the callback, where C/Java calls PL/SQL.

An extproc is one process per session that manages such calls. The extproc needs to be configured with the listener for it all to work correctly. I am just speaking at a high level now and will not delve into the details.

Let me briefly focus on Java here as it seems to be more popular. Java is stored and runs in the Oracle database. You use the loadjava command at the operating system level. You can specify either the Java class or source file with loadjava.

Next time I will briefly review good stuff like associative arrays, nested tables, and varrays.