Oracle Database 11g

I recently picked up a book from the library titled Oracle Database 11g A Beginner's Guide. I was excited because I thought I could learn the new PL/SQL features in 11g. Well this book did not specialize in PL/SQL. It also did not specialize in just 11g technologies. The book covered everything in Oracle 11g. That is just too broad. But I did learn a thing or two.

Oracle first ran on a Digital VAX system. That is strange. I assumed it first ran on some flavor of UNIX. An instance is a set of processes in memory. I frequently hear about the Redo Logs from DBAs. These are essentially transaction logs.

Another common term DBAs use is the tablespace. That is a fancy way of describes a disk file the databases uses. Another file of interest is the Spfile. It is the server parameter file. This file has startup parameters in it.

I will be blogging about this 11g book for a little bit. Next time I will cover the new names for the background processes in Oracle 11g.